Sugaringcane New 2020

Become a Sugarista.
Sugaring is a Natural modern and effective form of hair removal based on traditional oriental techniques using sugar paste which is 100% natural. 
Sugaring Cane is eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free products. 
Sugaring is kinder to skin, more effective than waxing aswell as being environmentally friendly which is such a big concern.
Sugaring Cane are a leading European company who are passionate about producing the highest quality products and developing one of the industry's most effective hair removal training programmes.Partnering with Sugaring Cane you will be fully prepared to offer the best quality sugaring services to delight your customers.

Professional Kit shown below.

Professional Set - everything to get started in your business

For further info ref course details, prices, kit contents please call ABX Beauty on 01738 629939 or contact Monica at who will send an invite to view the information necessary to make an informed decision about a career in sugaring.

Sugaring Cane Course
Sugaring is the next big thing to hit the beauty industry, so hurry to be one of the first in your area. Prices available upon request, can only be purchased online at Sugarinecane.
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